Morrill is

Where success happens

We are not just another neighborhood school. Our transformative vibe is so strong you feel it the moment you step on school grounds.

“At Morrill we are starting fresh with a lot of changes and an exciting vision. We are creating something wonderful here - a place where students can grow and learn in an environment that is creative, collaborative, and safe.”

—Kimberly Beranek, Morrill Teacher

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Full Day Early Childhood Classes


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Dawn Sydnor Cole, Principal

“Morrill is different now because we've changed how we work and because of the many unique opportunities available to our students and their families.”

“This school has most definitely improved in the past few years all thanks to a dedicated principal, wonderful staff and a community dedicated to change. If their dedication continues this school is on track to becoming one of the best in Chicago’s southwest side.”

— Morrill Parent


We Are Dedicated To

Creating A Culture of Learning Together

At Morrill we will learn and grow together in a safe and loving environment of dedicated people and teachers.

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What's important to us?



“We have a wonderfully diverse student body, excellent teachers, and a supportive community that will help your child thrive. Our students are curious, creative problem solvers who love learning about the world around them.”

– Morrill Teacher



“Education is what made the difference in my life and my mom’s life as well. If we didn’t have it, who’s to say where we would be or what we would be doing. I want the same educational experience for our students. Education will make a difference in their lives. I want them to recognize that and value their education. Education will change their future.”

– Morrill Teacher



“We help kids grow into successful adults, which in turn creates a more stable and cohesive society for all. That’s our goal - building strong communities by empowering the next generation of leaders today.”

– Morrill Teacher

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