Morrill Out of Uniform Dress Code

Morrill Families

From time to time we will allow our students to participate in Out of Uniform Days.

We ask that on these special days, you help your child select school-appropriate attire.

The following are guidelines that the students must follow on our out-of-uniform days.

Disclaimer: Continuous violation of the out-of-uniform policy will result in students not being able to participate in out-of-uniform days, future events/activities and may result in disciplinary action.

 Out-of-Uniform Dress Code 

Acceptable Attire:
Jeans with no large holes above the knee
Plain slacks 
Regular uniform attire
Polo shirts (no inappropriate graphics)
T-shirts or sweatshirts (no inappropriate graphics, no hoodies)
Sweaters (no inappropriate graphics)
Skirts, dresses or skorts to the knees
Blouses (no inappropriate graphics) 
Not Acceptable:
No low cut tops or dresses 
No tank tops 
No leggings 
No baggy pants
No jogging pants  
No flip flops 
No finger shoes 
No pajama pants 
No see-thru attire
No mix & match socks or shoes
No Do-Rags*
*Accommodations will be made for head covering worn for cultural, medical or religious reasons.

CPS Policy and Rules: A school may regulate student dress to promote order, safety and a positive learning environment by establishing a school uniform or dress code policy.